Bath Towel Microfiber | Extra Absorbent 2 Pack Towels

Luxury Designed Bath Towel Microfiber

Bath Towel Microfiber

Indulge yourself. Elevate your everyday bath ritual with luxurious details. Wrap yourself up in luxury after a relaxing soak with our collection of luxury bath towel microfiber. 

Made from the finest materials with enviable thread counts, designer bath towels will transform any bathroom instantly. 

Whether you are seeking bath sheets or guest towels, you’ll find the perfect towel to complement any bathroom.

Bath Towel Microfiber

Where Does It Come From?

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with this microfiber towel from JML. Made from wonderfully soft microfiber, this towel boasts a high-quality 400gsm. 

Soft to the touch and highly absorbent. The luxurious bath towel microfiber is oversized, long-lasting, incredibly absorbent, and feels very soft against your skin. 

Bring a touch of the spa to your bathroom with this stylish and super soft oversized luxury bath towel collection.

Bath Towel Microfiber

Stitched Hemmed

Makes the microfiber towel durable and not easy to tear up.

Bath Towel Microfiber

Hanging Loop

It’s convenient to store the bath towel microfiber to save space.

Bath Towel Microfiber

No Bad Smell

Hang the towel up in an area with good airflow to keep the bath towel microfiber smell fresh.

Bath Towel Microfiber

Easy Care

Machine washable with mild detergent. Please wash them to remove the lint left during the manufacturing process in your first use. 

Wash microfiber towel separately to avoid getting color bled. Do not bleach or use an iron.

Bath Towel Microfiber

Bath Towel Microfiber

JML towels are excellent for all surfaces because they are soft, durable, and scratch-free. 

The microfiber towel is the best example of cleaning because it is super-soft, super-absorbent, and will not scratch your skin when used properly.

Bath Towel Microfiber

Fitness Microfiber Towel

As an alternative to the standard cotton towel you are used to, these microfiber towels are flat and tightly woven for strength and durability. 

They are lightweight, very absorbent, quick-drying, and perfect for traveling & gym as they take up so little space.

Bath Towel Microfiber

Yoga Microfiber Towel

This soft and plush microfiber towel is ultra-soft and comfortable against your skin, so it's suitable for yoga!

Bath Towel Microfiber

Beach Microfiber Towel

Bring a classic and timeless style to your beach time fun with the softly oversized beach microfiber towel. 

Add colorful style to your summertime outing with JML beach microfiber towel. Just as no one likes a scratchy towel, no-one wants a small towel either. 

Compact yes, small no. When it comes to beach microfiber towels, the larger the dimensions the better.

Bath Towel Microfiber
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